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We will be right back with a new theme! I'm accepting orders in the meanwhile. :)
- Kimberly


Package 1
Uncoded Layout 1 (main/gallery)
• header + matching background
Price: $3 USD
Package 2
Uncoded Layout 2 (main)
• header + matching background
• matching sidebar and content headers
Price: $4 USD
Package 3
PHP/HTML Coded Layout
• header + matching background
• matching sidebar and content headers
• PHP/HTML coding
Price: $6 USD
Package 4
Coded Network Layout (media, lyrics, etc.)
• header + matching background
• coding
Price: $4 USD
Package 5
WordPress Theme
• header + matching background
• matching sidebar and content headers
• WordPress coding
Price: $8 USD
Package 6
Coppermine Theme
• header + matching background
• Coppermine coding
Price: $8 USD
Package 7
Icon Sort Theme
• header + matching background
• Icon Sort coding
Price: $2 USD
Package 8
Twitter Theme
• background
• 2 matching icons
• matching color scheme
Price: $2 USD
Package 9
Custom (logos, YouTube background, etc.)
• E-mail me at BEFORE ordering to see if I can make what you wish.
Price: To be determined.

Add ons
Icon (100x100)
• 20 icons
Price: $1 USD
Link Button (100x35)
• 5 buttons
Price: $0.50 USD
Twitter Background
Price: $1 USD
Price: $0.50 USD

Keep in mind...
• Packages 1-8 only apply to hosted celebrity fansites.

• A link back to while you are using my design(s) is necessary. It must be somewhere on the page you are using my design(s).

• Please do not order if you do not have basic knowledge in HTML.

• I only accept payments via Paypal. Any other methods of payment are not accepted.

• I do not accept refunds; however, you may cancel your order if I have not started it yet.

• If you have ordered a header, use it for a minimum of two weeks.

• You may NOT copy, alter, or redistribute my designs or claim them as your own!

• I don't require immediate payment. I will show you a preview of your order before asking you to pay.

• If you are not happy with your order, please do not make any changes yourself. Tell me and I will gladly make any adjustments to your satisfaction.

• Please notify me as soon as you put the design up and when you take it down.

• Please provide me with high quality pictures that are not watermarked. I would prefer if you sent me links to different photoshoots if you are ordering a header.

• You will receive a reply within 48 hours if your order was accepted.

If the form below is not working e-mail your order to me at